Here’s how WorkCare works

Forget the stress of managing sickness on multiple spreadsheets and platforms.
WorkCare is a single app to better manage staff absence.

Log and manage absences right away on your mobile.

Sickness absence happens to everyone, but effectively managing it can be a struggle for employers. WorkCare cuts through the noise of complicated tracking systems and simplifies the process for Line Managers. Our simple forms and question prompts make sure the employee has everything they need to support them return to work.

Your dashboard helps you keep track of Current Absences and My Tasks

Actively managing absences is an essential part of a speedy return to work. The My Tasks dashboard ensures you keep track of absent employees by listing your daily actions.

The Bar 100 Index tells you who needs your help

The Bar 100 Index indicates the risk to employees and your team through a helpful number and number and traffic light system. The higher the number, the higher the risk of long-term sickness. Being able to assess the risk of each employee at a glance quickly helps you focus on people that need your attention to get back on track.

Our streamlined set of features means you can effectively manage staff absence

Easily group employees into Line Manager teams and assign these to their HR administrator. Line Managers can take responsibility for their teams sickness and follow simple actions to increase staff wellbeing.

Try it free 90 days and see for yourself

Sign up for 90 days to get a whole quarter of effective sickness management for free! Use the graphs to see how much your sickness decreases, and how much money you save.