Proactively manage your staff wellbeing & save thousands / year *


How much your business can save

* Our special algorithm assesses staff sickness in the background, and notifies you when absences need attention. This is proven to decrease sick days by 15% amongst UK companies, and increase revenue by 20%.

Don’t just manage staff sickness absence. Decrease it.

Forget the Bradford Factor! Get accurate employee risk ratings with the Bar 100 Index.

The Bar 100 Index is a highly researched algorithm that sits behind the WorkCare app where it predicts patterns in sick leave. The simple visual metric empowers Line Managers and HR to effectively manage sickness and increase wellbeing.

See the health for your whole company

Our simple user interface is key to the success of our clients. The WorkCare app is intuitive and intelligent. It can be accessed securely from multiple online devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone).