WorkCare has been created by leading clinical psychologist Dr Belinda Board. Researched and developed over 15 years, WorkCare is based on best practice to accelerate a successful, sustainable Return To Work.

Her research in this area, including ’Barriers & Enablers to Returning to Work from Long Term Sickness Absence’, published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, has informed her evidence based methods for understanding and working with sick and disabled populations and helping them return to work.

Her research has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals and she is currently engaged on joint research projects investigating well-being in the workplace.

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I have spent many years researching sickness absence in the workplace and counting the costs to both organisations and employees. With a research-led understanding of what works, I developed WorkCare – a unique, highly predictive, user friendly software platform, with a services wrap, that delivers excellence in the proactive management of sickness absence.

Dr Belinda Board