At peoplewise we consider resilience to be a critical life skill that is vital for individuals to measure, hone and develop more than ever in today’s complex workplace environment.

Peoplewise has been researching the role that resilience plays in our lives for over ten years, through global studies across multiple industries. Our future research will focus on tracking a cohort of children for 10 years, throughout all of their secondary school education and beyond, in order to learn more about the trajectory of Positive Resilience; its key influencing factors, and the interventions that have the most enduring effect in enabling people to thrive.

Based on our extensive research we have developed the concept of Positive Resilience – the idea that resilience alone isn’t enough to thrive and meet our full potential.

We see ‘Positive Resilience’ as a dynamic process rather than a fixed attribute or capability. Positive Resilience helps protect individuals against the negative effects of stress and pressure, allowing them to ‘bounce-back’ and recover from setbacks, and ‘bounce-forward’ from those experiences to adapt, learn and grow.

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Positive Resilience makes us more than just ‘survivors’; it makes us ‘thrivers’ of our environment.

Since we launched our Resilience Index psychometric the feedback has been overwhelming. Perhaps it’s a reflection of how people are feeling at the moment in their work lives and beyond and our RI is tapping into that. There is huge appetite to learn about how to Thrive and not just survive, how to bounce forwards from challenge and adversity not just bounce back. And we are seeing the same level of interest in our research in schools where pupils are desperate to learn these critical life skills.
Dr Belinda Board, Founder & CEO