WorkCare offers flexible options to reflect your organisation’s sickness absence policy – and budget. Want to outsource your call handling with 24/7 case logging or provide meaningful support from the outset with triage services? No problem. With an annual licence fee, select from our core range of Essential Services, our enhanced package of Premium Services or tailor WorkCare to your needs with our Managed Services.

The Managed Services Package includes:

A customised, managed service tailored to your budget and needs,  ranging from individual services to a fully outsourced offering

All Essential IT & platform services

Bespoke software to accommodate outsourced services

Front line call management 24/7 with Day 1 rapid response

WorkCare actions & line manager absence notifications

home / office visits

case management

OHS, medical advice and rehabilitation services

Other Platform Packages:

Essential Services Package

Tailor WorkCare to the individual needs of your business.

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