Advanced, real time software – trustworthy and safe

Security of information is vital for WorkCare and this, in turn, creates great relationships with our clients, built on trust in our products.

For this reason, WorkCare has partnered with Sopra Steria, a global leader in digital transformation, to deliver its absence management platform safely and securely.

The Platform

The platform requires no complex installation of hardware, running on any device with a web browser, or on an organisation’s intranet. It may be integrated with your existing HR or business software, through an API, or uploading CSV files. For more information,

The Licence

The basic licence fee covers all aspects of essential technical services and support. Alternatively, we offer bespoke software and services, including a complete managed service including rapid response call management, professional support and outsourced home visits.


Simplicity is key to our users – our platform is intuitive and intelligent, accessed securely from multiple online devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone).

Essential Services Package

Everything needed to keep track of your employees health.

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Managed Services Package

Tailor WorkCare to the individual needs of your business.

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