Proactive absence management from day 1 to return to work

WorkCare prompts line manager interaction with an absent employee from the first report of sickness absence on day 1 through to a successful return to work.

Whether a sickness absence event is just a single day or develops into a longer term episode of 28 days or more, WorkCare guides the line manager through each stage, to engage fully with the employee and support them in a sympathetic and timely way through their sickness absence, based on best practice.

WorkCare tracks line manager performance to encourage compliance and also identifies where employees are not responding to WorkCare actions, leading to potential disciplinary procedures.

WorkCare actions include:

  • Day 1 reporting procedures
  • Prepared scripts for regular contact by telephone or face to face
  • Prompts for Self-Certified & Medically-Certified Fit Notes
  • Company sick pay & statutory sick pay notifications
  • Home visits, OHS referrals, private medical interventions
  • Comprehensive case management tools
  • Return To Work planning & role adjustments
  • Risk assessment & workplace adaptation
  • Return To Work interviews & progress reports