Multiple performance indicators are tracked by WorkCare for individual employees, business units or the wider organisation, and presented in accessible formats for up-to-date review

Data integrity is key to sickness absence management and WorkCare analyses your organisation’s data to provide meaningful tools to drive business decisions and support management action plans. Updated daily you can track the effectiveness of your sickness absence policy and implementation through WorkCare analytics.

Follow the trends, correlate sickness absence data with business performance metrics and identify contributing factors

  • What are the top 5 primary causes of sickness absence?
  • How long is the average sickness absence event?
  • Which line manager has the most sickness absence in his / her team?
  • What is the likelihood of an employee returning to work?

Reports are presented in user-friendly formats, for immediate download; they deliver facts and figures and highlight problem areas in a compelling, easy-to-read style, empowering you to make decisions with confidence.