Extensively researched, WorkCare helps companies identify sickness absence risk, at employee, team and organisational level, through its unique validated tool, the BAR 100 Index.

The BAR 100 Index, or Board Absence Risk 100 Index, is the result of over 15 years of research by Dr Belinda Board and identifies high risk employees through patterns of both short and long term sickness absence. This information is then channelled into critical pathways and used to proactively prompt early management intervention.

The BAR 100 Index gives a real time risk rating on each member of staff over a rolling 12 month period based on crucial factors including the number, length and pattern of sickness absence plus over 30 other factors that are potential barriers to returning to work. As soon as a pattern emerges, a BAR 100 Index alert triggers a WorkCare action to ensure that all absent employees get the support and expertise needed to help them return to work as soon and safely as possible.