Our Services Packages

WorkCare offers a comprehensive range of services packages to proactively support employees and their organisations through sickness absence and healthy returns to work. Essential services can be delivered in one easy package (a single licence fee per head) or enhanced and customised to suit your specific needs.

WorkCare offers a suite of health and wellbeing services, delivered as complete programmes or individual consultancy initiatives.

Our Platform

Our platform is supported to the highest industry standards, ensuring employee data is safe and secure; our 24/7 help desk is available to guide you through integration and implementation, smoothly and simply.

To get started, book your organisational health check now with one of our experts to see how well your sickness absence policy is working for you and learn how much WorkCare can save you in sickness absence costs.

Our Unique Tools

With intelligent software to manage sickness absence in real time and its unique BAR 100 Index to predict absence risk, WorkCare delivers absence management services- with proven results.

Our Services Packages:

Absence Management Packages

Explore our full range of Absence Management services packages.

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Health & Wellbeing Packages

Explore our full range of Health & Wellbeing services packages.

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Workcare Platform Packages

Explore our full range of Platform services packages.

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